“A year and a half ago, I brought my son to Libby for problems that plagued him since he was one and a half years old. My son has been on Miralax for over ten years for “slow motility” and irritable bowel (IBS). Doctors kept saying “Miralax is safe, it’s fine”, and every year whether at Children’s Hospital or Mass General, we were told to just continue Miralax. In a little over a year of seeing Libby every week, and doing A.R.T. therapy, my son is finally off Miralax. I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t there on a weekly basis, watching the steady improvements that helped our son slowly minimize his Miralax, until he was off completely. It feels like a miracle, and has changed our lives. Libby is super approachable (putting both adults and kids at ease with the unique practice that is A.R.T.), realistic, solutions based and very empathetic as a practitioner. I’d recommend A.R.T. with Holistic Health Solutions and Libby, without hesitation or reservation.

~ Lindsey S.

“I brought my 8 year old son to be treated by Libby after he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. He completed the 21 days of strong antibiotics but the Lyme was still lingering in his system. Libby was able to clear him of all Lyme in just a few months - a weekly treatment he always looked forward to because of Libby’s calm, engaging demeanor. A.R.T. is truly amazing!